About NODC

Sudan National Oceanographic Data Center (SNODC) is established on 2012 in Port Sudan by International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission  (IOC) of UNESCO and hosted  by Institue of Marine Research (IMR), Red Sea University.

SNODC is part of the IODE network data centers. The aim of the Data Center in to promote research and management of the Sudanese coastal and marine resources by providing various types of support to policy makers, resource managers, researchers, educational institutions, and private companies on matters of oceanographic data and information.

The Sudan National Oceanographic Data Centre (SNODC) is an active member of the IOC Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange Programme (IODE).


Provision of highly qualified and efficient research staff, capable of performing multidisciplinary research programs in all relevant fields of marine sciences, addressing local and global emerging challenges and taking into account the priority needs of the community. Establishment of wide-scale network and partnership with renowned marine institutions and organizations at regional and international level for promotion of integrated applied research coupled with viable and flexible polices & strategies – that will contribute towards developing managing and optimum exploitation of marine resources, thus - achieving sustainable development in the Sudanese Red Sea which will eventually lead to socio-economic welfare of the country at large.